Selling Circadian Lighting to your Clients

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What doctors call the “circadian rhythm” controls many different functions throughout the body. It’s governed by the presence of light in the environment, which helps to adjust the body so it can adapt to the surroundings. Part of this is related to the movement of the sun, as well as to the color and brightness of the light it emits. The presence or absence of natural light acts as a signal to our bodies, generating certain responses that govern basic functions – such as sleepiness or wakefulness.

There’s been a recent trend to try to introduce circadian lighting to interior environments in a way that will reproduce the way natural lighting changes throughout the day. Even if your clients haven’t heard of this new concept, you can easily sell them on it by describing the many benefits they will enjoy by taking advantage of this type of lighting.

Impact of Circadian Lighting

Virtually any customer you run into will – at some point – have experienced “jet lag”. Jet lag is that sense of disorientation, exhaustion and mental disruption you experience when your internal clock has been thrown off by being relocated from one time zone to another. Exposure to sunlight – or some similar source of light – is one of the most effective cures for this problem.

Like virtually all other animals, human beings are accustomed to functioning in a natural environment that features a consistent day and light cycle. It’s during the daytime we are at our most active and productive. It’s in the darkness we breathe more slowly, relax and gradually drop into sleep. Or at least, that’s the way it used to be. But all this was disrupted by the invention of the lightbulb and the late shift. Suddenly, the requirements of modern society forced us to adapt to an entirely unnatural lighting cycle.

The frequent traveling people do these days has only exacerbated the problem. At one moment, you’re sitting in New York having breakfast, and then only seven hours later, nhgyt you find yourself in London and it’s time to go to bed. Not only is this jarring, it can actually make you sick. The symptoms you feel are not unlike a bad case of the flu.

Benefits of Circadian Lighting

To really hook your customers on using circadian lighting in their home or work environment, you should lay out some of the clear benefits for them, including:

? Sleep Improvement – They will get much better sleep if they can better manage their circadian rhythms through circadian lighting.

? Quicker Recovery Times – When they do have to face jet lag, circadian lighting can reduce the amount of time it takes to adjust to a new time zone.

? Enhances Energy – Since it can help them get better, deeper sleep, circadian lighting will also help your customers have more energy throughout the day.

? Increased Productivity – A disrupted sleep cycle can significantly interfere with work productivity, which means reestablishing sleep cycles using circadian lighting can help solve this problem.

? Improved Concentration – Whether on the job or in a classroom, concentration is essential. Circadian lighting promotes a sharper mind and improved concentration.

Circadian lighting can help people living in modern times compensate for the fact the natural lighting and schedules they used to live by have disappeared. Through the use of this lighting, your customers can reestablish their natural circadian rhythms, allowing them to enjoy better sleep and healthier lives.


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  • Thanks for helping to disburse this information. It is a topic I have been trying to educate clients about for some time. In my opinion, CCTs of 5000K+ are counterproductive except in limited (daytime) applications. However, pragmatically, light sources that change CCT across the course of the day are impractically expensive for all but the deepest pockets.

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