5 Places to Hunt for New Electrician Work

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No matter how busy you might be, you always need to be on the lookout for the next gig. You don’t want downtime – that can be disastrous for a business. So, knowing where to go to get new leads on jobs is important. Here are a few ideas regarding places to look for that next great wiring job.

The Union Hall

If you’re associated with a union or trade association, this can be a good place to network and find out about new work in the area. A fellow electrician might be looking for additional members for his team, or he might know that a new job is about to open up and you can get the chance to get your bid in. If you aren’t networking with fellow electricians in your area, whether through the union, trade association or even the local small business organizations, you should start. Networking is important for all business owners, regardless of profession.

Provider Lists

If you can get a stellar reputation in your local area, you might want to consider getting listed with provider lists. These are organizations that provide quality leads for professionals for those who are looking for services. Angie’s List and Home Advisor are examples of such listing organizations. If you manage to make it onto their preferred provider lists, you could be turning away work, since electrical work is one of the DIY projects a homeowner is more likely to skip and leave to the professionals.

DIY Forums

Lurking around forums that cater to do-it-yourself homeowners is a great way to get leads for work. If you set yourself up as an expert on these forums, members are more likely to think of you when they need work. Don’t get heavy-handed though; offer advice when it seems appropriate. You don’t want to put yourself in every conversation because then you’ll start to look like a showoff or like you think you’re superior. Although you most likely are the expert in the room, you don’t need to smack people over the head with what you know. Make yourself seem knowledgeable and approachable and people will seek you out.

Trade and Home Shows

This is in the same vein as networking but on a bigger platform. Going to trade shows is a great way to network and find out about new gigs that are happening or are about to happen. Home shows put you in contact with people who are working on properties and might be seeking help in the near future. Go to the shows, set up a booth, provide answers to questions, hand out business cards and see what happens.

The Old Fashioned Way

What do other electricians do to find work? Do they place ads in the local paper? Do they have a massive social media presence? Do they advertise on radio or television? Whatever they’re doing, you might want to consider doing it as well. Approaches vary across the country; what might work in Florida might flop in Minnesota. That’s why it’s important to know what others are doing and see if it works. You can never find out too much information about your competitors The more information you gather, the better you can compete.

What’s an unusual place where you’ve found work in the past?


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