• 7 Underrated Simple Tools


    While the latest new gizmo can sometimes save you time and give you a more accurate result, there’s a reason some of these tools have been around since before there were electricians. Most of these old favorites are great multi-tasking helpers, able to fill in for a number of more specialized tools.

  • Spotlight on Specialties - Marine Electricians

    Spotlight on Specialties - Marine Electricians

    If you like high stakes jobs and a hint of danger in your work, becoming a marine electrician may be for you. Marine electricians are the ones who keep boats and other vessels ship shape. Although some jobs require setting sail, plenty of jobs for marine electricians are available on dry land.

  • Conflict Resolution for Electricians

    Conflict Resolution for Electricians

    Map out the job so the customer knows what to expect. If you have to run wiring behind an antique bookcase, let the client know in advance so the case can be moved or the expensive bric-a-brac can be stored for safe keeping. If the client knows what to expect, he’s less likely to be touchy.

  • 3 Ways Electricians Can Stay Fit and Healthy

    3 Ways Electricians Can Stay Fit and Healthy

    You’ve seen electricians who start their day with aspirin along with their coffee and keep popping them all day long. Getting into shape is the first step in avoiding this future for yourself. Healthy living isn’t just a trendy lifestyle topic; it’s the simplest thing you can do to prevent a lifetime of chronic pain.

  • Worker Fatigue and Safety

    Worker Fatigue and Safety - A Sleepy, Silent Threat

    Getting enough sleep is crucial to being a safe, competent electrician. But many people – especially those in the industry – don’t get nearly enough sleep to be at their best.

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